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During my long career‭, ‬which has lasted over twenty years‭, ‬my goal has always been to achieve outstanding results and exceed what others expect‭.‬

I have skills in graphic design‭, ‬photography‭, ‬web design‭, ‬and production‭, ‬and I always try to do my best in everything I do‭. ‬Working in newspapers‭, ‬magazines‭, ‬and various media companies from 2000‭ ‬to 2010‭ ‬helped me to distinguish myself in what I offer‭.‬

In 2007‭, ‬I founded Pixel Advertising Agency‭, ‬which provides modern advertising solutions‭, ‬along with my photography and video studio‭.‬

Team Leaders

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Nour Hamad

Account Manager

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O. Rama

Manufacturing Manager

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E. Ellia

Operational Specialist

t 4

A. Hassan

Social Media Specialist

t 2

K. Mokhtar

Senior Videographer

t 3

M. Mohsen

Senior Photographer

Technology produces soulless design, so I strive for two things in design.. Simplicity and Clarity.

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